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MRCOG Coaching at Kolkata

FAQ on Spectrum MRCOG Part 2 Course

Our course addresses the needs of both these types of candidates. We start from “Where to start” and then gradually progress from the basic to the harder questions. The Mock test conducted by this course, will give you the hints about your level of preparation. You will come to know how much additional effort you need to give. In our previous courses, there were both types of candidates. But all of them found that their needs were appropriately addressed.
You will get the ideas about “how to start”. The course will not only help to know “what resource materials are needed for your preparation”, but also “how to use these resource materials”, so that you can concentrate mainly on the areas which are very much favourite topics for the examiners. This will guide you to “finish your preparation” within short period of time, despite your busy schedule. You will also get the follow up support by Whatsapp group, where you can put your queries and all of these will be answered regularly.
Not at all. Even after attending the course, you still have more than one month time. This course will help you to clarify your concepts. You will come to know on which areas you need to give more importance. This course will emphasize on the areas, where the overseas candidates usually struggle a lot (clinical governance, teaching skills, labour management, referral pathways, research methodology etc). You might have finished all the guidelines but you need to know more specifically “whether to conduct a delivery in the delivery room or in the theatre”, “whether to involve consultant”, “when to refer a case to the MDT”, or “whether the operation needs to be done in the cancer unit or in the cancer centre”. Additionally, there are certain topics which have not been covered in any guidelines but we will discuss them and will help you to know how you can get access to those articles. As the examination is knocking at the door, you may have additional concerns, which will be addressed in the Whatsapp group discussion. The mock examination will help you understand where exactly you are right now, in your journey towards this endeavour
We acknowledge that, nobody can pass a difficult examination like MRCOG, just after pursuing a number of courses. It’s eventually your hard work that counts. Having said that, all of the candidates preparing for the MRCOG from outside the UK, are busy in their clinical practice. Making time, out of the busy schedules, to attend the courses regularly, may not be feasible for most of them. For them, we have online course, where you can take online examinations (SBA and EMQ), according to your convenient time and place (may be when you have time inside the theatre, or when you are travelling with your smart-phone in your hand). In addition, the follow up discussion in Whatsapp group will give you the continuous feedback. Please remember, there won’t be any module-wise break up in the actual examination paper.
There is no didactic lecture in our course. You will not see any slides just copying the guidelines. All the 18 modules will be discussed but in the format of SBA and EMQ. We know, where most of the non-UK candidates make mistakes while solving these questions. In addition, we will give you all the presentations in the pen drive. So, after the course, you will feel more confident while solving the SBAs and EMQs.
We highly recommend you to attend this course. Not only this will help you to understand where the non-UK candidates commonly make mistakes, but also you will come to know that all the areas of a guideline are not equally important. The questions are coming from some particular segments of the guideline. Again, from the examination point of view, you do not need the knowledge like a consultant; rather the college expects that you should be a competent and confident ST5 trainee. In this course, you will understand how the systems work in the UK and what you must know to pass the examination. ions. In addition, we will give you all the presentations in the pen drive. So, after the course, you will feel more confident while solving the SBAs and EMQs.
Of course, we have special sessions on CTG, urodynamics, pictures of ultrasound, cystoscopy, colposcopy, surgical instruments and forest plots. We understand, these are difficult topics for majority of the non-UK candidates. We have interactive sessions on all of these topics.
You need not worry at all. You just need to put your queries in our Whatsapp group and our faculties will answer as soon as possible.
The venue is located at the centre of the city, which is well connected by public and private transports. May hotels and guest houses are available at walking distance from the venue. If you need any help, please do not hesitate to write to us. We will arrange for budget accommodation for you, if needed.