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MRCOG Coaching at Kolkata

SPECTRUM MRCOG COURSE Part 2 Online course

Programme Highlights

A package of 14 weekend online interactive tutorials with full mock test based on 11 StratOG modules, which are regarded as basic text for Part2 MRCOG along with inputs from GTG and all other relevant guidelines and TOG review articles. Each tutorial helps in Concept building, finding out high-yield areas and challenge with SBAs and EMQs. Sorry, we do not deal with recalls – questions hardly re-appear in exam like MRCOG Part 2.

Schedule of Spectrum MRCOG Part 2 Online Course (June 2020-September 2020)

Date & Time Topic Sub-Topic
June 28
4 -5.00 pm
Introduction & How to Prepare (15 min) None
Antenatal Care Part 1 (45 min) Fetal Growth Restriction, Rh-Isoimmunisation, Ultrasonography, Genetics and Fetal Medicine
July 5
4 -5.30 pm
Antenatal Care Part 2 (45 min) Routine ANC, Substance Abuse, Obesity, Preeclampsia, Multiple Pregnancy, APH
Maternal Medicine Part 1 (45 min) Neurology, Endocrinology and Infectious Diseases
July 12
4 -5 pm
Labour & Delivery Part 1 (60 min) Normal labour, IOL, Progress of Labour, IVD, CS, Peri-partum Trauma, Breech
July 19
4 -5 pm
Labour & Delivery Part 2 (60 min) Fetal Well being including CTG, PTL, PROM/ PPROM, IUFD, Obstetric Emergencies, Analgesia and Anesthesia
July 26
4 -5.30 pm
Maternal Medicine Part 2 (60 min) Cardiology, Autoimmune Disease, Nephrology, Respiratory Disorders, Skin Disease, GI and Hepatic Disorders, Sepsis
Post Natal Care(30 min) PPH, Postpartum sepsis, Routine PP care, Neonatology
Aug 2
4 -5.15 pm
Oncology(75 mint) Cervical screening, CIN, VIN, Ovarian Cancer, Endometrial Hyperplasia and Cancer, Vulval Malignancy
Aug 9
4 -5.30 pm
Statistics(45 min) Evidences, Data, Statistical tests, Evaluating paper, RCT, P Value, Forest Plot, Screening tests, Odds ratio, NNT, 95%CI
Early Pregnancy(45 min) Miscarriage, Ectopic, GTD, RPL, EPU
Aug 16
4 -5.15 pm
Urogynae & PFD (60 min) UDS, Incontinence, Bladder Pain, POP-Q, Vault Prolapse
Clinical Governance Part 1 (15 min) Audit, Adverse Event & Risk Management
Aug 23
4 -5.15 pm
Clinical Governance Part 2 (30 min) Counseling, Consent and Communication
Sexual & Reproductive Health (45 min) STI, PID, Contraception, Sterilization, UK-MEC, Psychosexual Health
Aug 30
4 -5.30 pm
Benign Gynaecology (90 min) Pelvic Pain, HMB, Vulval Lesions, Amenorrhoea, Paediatric And Emergency Gynaecology, Sexual Assault
Sep 6
4 -5.30 pm
Teaching and Appraisal (45 min) Formative and Summative Assessment, Teaching methodology, OSATS, Appraisal, Mentoring,
Subfertility (45 min) NICE Guidance, OHSS, Tubal Factor, Male Factor, Anovulation, PCOS, IVF Referral pathway
Sep 13
4 -5 pm
Core Surgical & Post-op Care (45 min) ERP, Post-op complications, Sutures and Instruments, Endoscopic Surgery, Fluid Management
How to attempt SBAs & EMQs
Sep 14 Onwards
till Part 2 Exam
Mock Test Paper1 Three hours’ Test (50 EMQ + 50 SBA)
Mock Test Paper2 Three hours’ Test. (50 EMQ + 50 SBA)
If you miss any tutorial or want to revise, recording will be available till end of course
Tutorial Sessions may extend the stipulated time depending on contents and interactions
Swapping of Tutorials may take place under unavoidable circumstances. However none will be cancelled

Course Fee

Full Course (14 Tutorials) with full mock test (2 papers): 20,000 INR

Each Tutorial: 2,000 INR

Each Mock Test Paper: 2,500 INR

How to Pay

  • NEFT/RTGS: Bank Transfer ( Bank: State Bank of India
    Branch: Sitalatala (01772). Address: 38, Rashbehari Avenue,
    Kolkata, West Bengal, India.
    PIN-700026 A/c No.: 10297652135
    IFS Code: SBIN0001772
    MICR CODE: 700002093
    Beneficiary Name: Madhuchhanda Bhattacharyya
  • Online Payment by Debit/Credit Card Will be Activated Soon